Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini weird issue

I'm having an issue with my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and I haven't been able to find any answers to my specific problem so I'm hoping someone here might be able to give me some advice or point me in the right direction.

The phone won't send or receive texts. When I type a text and press send the text completely disappears, rather than just sitting there not sending so I have no idea what is happening to the actual message. Apps that require a network connection won't work but Firefox does. The phone makes and receives calls fine. My wireless router detects the phone and I have tried it both connected to WiFi and just using my mobile date. I have tried clearing the cache via the recovery menu as well as removing the battery and SIM and reinserting. I have not installed any new apps.

I inserted a new micro SD card but didn't use the phone for several hours and then noticed the problem so it may have coincided with that. I formatted, unmounted and removed the SD card but there was no change.

I really don't even know what to type into Google to find an answer to this problem and I find it so strange that Firefox still works while nothing else does.

Does anyone have any idea of what is wrong?


geek_vermox, Jul 8, 12:19 am

will it access the google play store ? If so try another texting program rather than the inbuilt one.

geek_nice_lady, Jul 8, 5:59 am

geek_wayne416, Jul 8, 7:52 am

It wouldn't access the play store but I did a factory reset and everything seems fine now. It was a bit annoying because it wouldn't connect to the servers to back up but it's back in working order. Thanks for you help!

geek_vermox, Jun 11, 3:52 pm

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