Random music player

r.g.nixon, May 20, 8:18am
So I have music in a number of folder and subfolders. What player can I use to play random tracks from my total collection, with no repeats? It should also remember where it got up to since being closed, and it should see new tracks and folders being added to my collection.

wayne416, May 20, 8:29am
Windows Media Player does random, not sure if it remembers after shutting down and restarting.

suicidemonkey, May 20, 8:31am
By definition, random mode would have a chance at playing the same track more than once.

But yer, interesting request. I do find iTunes does a good job at making a large collection easy to sort through and organise. It's not as clunky as it used to be. But don't think it does the other things you mentioned.

r.g.nixon, May 20, 8:41am
Maybe I could make some sort of playlist and randomise it? Time to get my google on.

slowenemy, May 20, 8:59am

ryanm2, Nov 2, 7:53am
You could set itunes up to play unplayed tracks only on random. You wont get any repeats until you have done your entire collection.

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