Auto log in S3 mini

Hi I changed my password for trade me on my desktop. My phone is still auto logging on with my old password. How can I change it to the new one. Wont let me change it manually so it must have saved it somewhere?

geek_goldilocks11, Mar 2, 9:22 pm

Clear your browser cookies and history or if using app delete data.

geek_wayne416, Mar 2, 11:13 pm

I have done all that still tells me my password is wrong

geek_goldilocks11, Mar 4, 11:01 am

Try deleting and reinstalling the app.

geek_therafter1, Mar 4, 12:51 pm

tried that too didnt work either

geek_goldilocks11, Mar 4, 4:59 pm

Grrr this is so annoying not being able to log on!

geek_goldilocks11, Mar 4, 6:11 pm

Yipee fixed it.

geek_goldilocks11, Mar 4, 8:27 pm

Login to FB, and go to
Settings > Security> Reconized Devices
and remove Facebook for android.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 19, 10:03 am

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