White stuff on scanner lid

Hi folks,
Does anyone have an idea of the name of the white padded stuff on the inside of a scanner lid.
It's obviously is a "pure" white ie no uv brighteners etc.
Just interested to know if someone has a name for it or what do we call a pure white reflective product.

geek_smyrnia, Aug 1, 12:53 pm

document mat

geek_pandai, Aug 1, 1:04 pm

Thanks pandai,
That's given me a name for the beast :)
Now I'll be a bit lazy and ask if anyone knows of a product available in NZ, TMe would be good.
Yes I did do a quick Google .

geek_smyrnia, Aug 1, 1:21 pm

It's nothing special, all it does is hold the paper flat. Wouldn't be hard to make one yourself with some foam, glue and plastic card (a place mat perhaps?)

geek_pandai, Aug 1, 2:21 pm

I have bought similar material to the white plastic coated card from Warehouse Stationery to use as a backing layer when mounting photographs in frames.
Have a browse at WS
I will have a look and see if I have an unopened packet.
UPDATE: Lucky for you I have one unused. See photo

geek_mgc54, Aug 1, 3:03 pm

I've got a sheet here that I ripped off the lid of an HP scanner before dumping it - HP wouldn't rewrite the driver for Vista (onwards) so it was only good for scrap.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 1, 3:31 pm

Thanks folks,
All thoughts appreciated.
mgc54, yes thank you :)
gyro, yep that's how I have my current one, for the projects I'm playing with a few more will be useful.
Hence finding a sq m or something would be neat (or a few dumped beasts :) )
mgc54 has the answer :)
Thanks folks

geek_smyrnia, Apr 12, 3:05 pm

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