Does anyone know why.

I can't read PDF documents sent as email attachments? They come out gobbeldegook. Have always been able to read them in the past.
This has only just started happening recently. actually thinking about it maybe when I changed my browser to Chrome from IE.
What do I need to do? Thanks.

geek_leeran, Jul 4, 7:01 pm

this happened to me last year - i cant recall what i did but its fixed now.

geek_ryanm2, Jul 4, 7:41 pm

save it to your desktop and try opening from there.
make sure its opening with a pdf reader not MS office etc

geek_king1, Jul 4, 8:56 pm

Right click the file, choose properties tab. In the general tab you will see the "CHANGE" tab. Click change tab and click "adobe reader". Hopefully all your pdf files will return to normal.

geek_cat286, Jun 22, 4:31 pm

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