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leonv8, Apr 20, 7:10am
I was given a Huawei Ascend cell phone by a friend who had bought new phone. I was to insert new sim card. She forgot to tell me about the unclock screen function which is a wipe a pattern across dots on the screen. By the time I realised what was what, the phone now wants to use google account to sign in. I asked my friend to log in but she didn't/couldn't log in to google account. Is the phone able to be ressurrected or is it now junk?

wayne416, Apr 20, 7:15am
Look on that sign-in screen there maybe a skip option. If you get passed that do a reset which will return it back to 'out of box state'.

_drdee_, Apr 20, 7:31am
You can reset the phone to stock by going into the recovery, you power down the device and then power it back on holding a combination of volume up+power button (
?v=6VPmkaLI7zc). From there one of the options will be to do a factory reset which will make the phone act like you have just brought it and are starting it up for the first time.

Follow the set-up instructions and sign in /create your own google account.

leonv8, Jan 30, 8:54am
You guys rock - many thanks! Worked a treat

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