Help gmail webmail not working on XP

mme, Mar 25, 1:47am
Everything else is working - just not gmail.

Have tried downloading Chrome & the latest IE but it's not supported.



It's an old Dell ( Dinosaur) which I only use to print & scan items (scanned stuff is all on the hard drive of the Dinosaur which I attach to emails when required).

It only the gmail webmail that won't work! As of about a week or 2 ago.

Is there a way round it. Like using another email?

_drdee_, Mar 25, 2:01am
You could try setting up a forwarding address in gmail to forward all incoming mail to another webmail provider that does work.

mark.52, Mar 25, 2:02am
Did you install Chrome, and set it to be your default browser? Or is the current version of Chrome the one that's no longer supported for XP?

If so, try an older version of Chrome, or Firefox.

mme, Mar 25, 2:15am
Yeah I set it to be my default browser but it was probably the latest chrome.

Have you got a link to an older version I can try tx

soundsgood, Mar 25, 2:31am

mme, Mar 25, 2:47am
Thank You!

I'm heading now ( to watch the cricket) but will wind up the Dinosaur later & give it go!

mme, Mar 25, 7:57am
I'm guessing it's the Popular Version Aug 7, 2011?

I downloaded, no joy with gmail yet but have shut the dinosaur down & I'll restart it soon. See if that makes a difference.

r.g.nixon, Mar 25, 8:26am
The latest Firefox works on XP.

vtecintegra, Mar 25, 8:29am
What do you mean by 'doesn't work'?

Any error message? A blank page? Something else?

mme, Mar 25, 8:53am
Can I have link to that thanks

I've never used Firefox but I hear it's good.

mme, Mar 25, 8:58am
Restarted it but I had to set up my wireless again! Sigh I'm tired

and still no gmail with old google chrome

r.g.nixon, Mar 25, 9:01am

mme, Mar 25, 9:17am
Thanks r.g.nixon downloading firefox now . I assume it's British English version

I seem to have download Delta too. Fook it

I saved the link somewhere in my emails to kill the shiz!

mrfxit, Mar 25, 7:34pm

This is a trimmed fully functional version of the latest FireFox.
I use this on XP along with .
Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114
Firefox 36.0.4
PaleMoon 25.3.0.

No problems with accessing Gmail on any of those

mme, Apr 18, 10:29pm
Thanks to all Computer Angels here.

I got gmail up late last night by downloading the link r.g.nixon posted!

The Dinosaur is running Firefox :)

Hallelujah to that!

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