Query for wayne416 please

2bakerz, Apr 24, 9:55pm
Wayne, I did a test run using myself as a recipient but when I clicked on the link you provided in your first reply it did take me to the gmx account but I would have to have logged on to access the document. What should I have done to get access directly to the document, not the whole account?

wayne416, Apr 24, 10:23pm
So you set up file shearing as in post #9? once set up a recipient does not need to log into account to view. You have to be logged in with browser to put file into file storage and share a file and ad contacts your sending it to and recipient will get link in email with or without password, your choice. The password which can be anything only allows them access to file not your account Go to help once logged in, follow file sharing instructions and send your self a file. Problem may be its opening Gmx because your logged in because its your account , anyone else you send it to wont be so they can only get file. Hope this helps. Don't give your account password away other wise like any account you give whoever full access.

wayne416, Apr 24, 10:34pm
I see your problem, once you send file to your self log out of GMX, open email and click link and that will open location of file without giving access to your whole account which you don't want with strangers. Send to your current email address not GMX one.

2bakerz, Apr 24, 10:40pm
Yes, I thought that is how it would work - I think I will pack the bus and head off for a few days - then re-look at it. I thank you again for the time you have taken to explain this to me. at least I could understand it and got this far successfully. So I'll cut & paste this last instruction and have a fresh go!

wayne416, Apr 24, 10:43pm
Have a good one. Its very easy to do but very hard to explain.

wayne416, Apr 24, 11:23pm
I just sent myself one, got email and clicked link which took me here, https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/378488147.jpg clicked on green button which opened the file, https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/378488091.jpg Never had a problem or any one not receiving so must have worked but first time i have sent myself one. Just remember to add new folder, name it, add the file/s to it and send that to people.

wayne416, Apr 24, 11:52pm
Also remember you are sharing with people so click 'share/share folder' not 'email' so only link goes not whole thing as most other peoples email will not handle bigger than 20mb unlike GMX which is 50mb

2bakerz, May 4, 10:39pm
Hi Wayne and thanks so much for the explanations. I must admit I found it all a bit hard to understand, and I think that as I will not have a newsletter that size again (owing to a big annual event we hosted and there were heaps of photos) that I will just keep it for an emergency, so have just downloaded your comments for future reference. This senior is extremely grateful for the help

wayne416, Dec 17, 3:23pm
Not a problem. Good luck

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