How to download from a maxtor 40 gig hard drive to

banjo2002, Feb 27, 12:00pm
my usb portable hard disk out of my 386 that died before I was able to do a back up

oclaf, Feb 27, 12:07pm
386? Are you sure its 40GB? That's big for somthing of that vintage.
My best guess is your old drive is a 3.5" IDE.
Though my old 386 had a SCSI drive. Which would complicate things for you.

This thing will probably do what you want, #851369957.

banjo2002, Feb 27, 12:39pm
its a 3.5 series
Fireball 3
40 GB
How do I get data off

lythande1, Feb 27, 5:27pm
Hook the hard drive up to a USB to IDE enclosure and plug it in to whatever new device you have now, then move the data off onto a new portable hard drive.

soodanim, Feb 27, 9:36pm
Just take the HDD out of the dead PC and put it in your current PC. Take the files off as you want and format it and use it for more storage.

soodanim, Feb 27, 10:41pm
or just chuck the old HDD into another enclosure once your done and use it for extra storage.

lostdude, Feb 28, 2:35am
That might be a bit difficult if the PC is less than 5yrs old. Most motherboards manufactured in this decade lack an IDE port.

soodanim, Feb 28, 2:54am
It's extra storage to what they currently have, no need to be a dick about it.

soodanim, Feb 28, 3:00am
It's just a suggestion.

banjo2002, Feb 28, 4:02am
what cable will I need to go from a old hd to a laptop to retrieve the data
I went to a computer shop and they wouldn't do it as it involved moving programmes ?

r.g.nixon, Feb 28, 4:14am
Got a proper computer shop?

king1, Feb 28, 4:19am
post #2

soodanim, Feb 28, 4:43am
lol Hardly being sensitive about it because I called you a dick. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Whatever size it is. It's extra.

oclaf, Feb 28, 5:39am
I've already told you, in the very first reply to your question.
Auction number 851369957 (paste that number into the Trademe search box). Buy that. Plug the USB cable into your working computer and the IDE (easy, only one that'll fit) and power connectors into your hard drive. All things going well your computer should recognise the drive and make it available as a local disk. You'll then be able to drag an drop files with ease. It is that simple.

Data retrieval from working drives is an easy process, but if it is beyond you, it shouldn't be hard to find a decent computer shop to do it for you. I know for a fact that there are literally hundreds in Auckland that could do it. Hint: Dick Smith is not the place to go.

loud_37, Feb 28, 7:52am
Are you just wanting the data off the old drive or are you expecting to run the old programs that were on it?

babcorp, Mar 2, 10:50am
lol fark I reckon!

soodanim, Mar 2, 12:29pm
Who's being the drama queen? lol

You're obviously very sensitive but you're just proving my point. Carry on :)

pcmaster, Mar 2, 5:48pm
highly doubting its actually a 386.

a 386 had usb ports? highly doubtful, did they even make ISA based USB addon cards?

and a 386 would generally struggle to see any drive greater than 512MB let alone use it - and even then you would've had to have flashed the BIOS at some point to get it to see drives abouve 250MB

as for the job at hand,
if the original hard drive in the 386 is an IDE drive, (you'd be slightly more screwed these days if its an RLL or MFM type drive, most people have retired those, aka thrown them out)
plug it into any computer with an IDE port set it as a slave and copy the data, running the programs wont be an issue, cos being a 386 and all, it'll be DOS based, DOS doesn't have a registry, so as long as you see a command prompt, you can run your programs 386s couldnt run any form of windows other than 3.x (believe me, i tried)

farside03, Mar 3, 4:22am
My understanding is OP's old computer was 386, which died and they want to recover some data from the hard drive. Given that it is a 40GB drive, I too doubt it was a 386. But the computer type is immaterial. They've already confirmed its an ATA/133. So that discounts MFM, RLL, SCSI and other exotics.
I think OP's question condenses down to: How do I connect an old IDE drive to USB so I can retrieve some old data?

40GB MFM? Are you serious? Such a thing would be a marvel of 80's technological achievement.

mrfxit, Mar 3, 4:25am
No need to be a "Richard Cranium" either.

mrfxit, Mar 3, 4:29am
Just to get it all in 1 place.
Who wants to figure out whats important in the o/ps supplied info?

lostdude, Mar 3, 6:47am
These are the points I got from the OP.

1. They have a 386 computer that had an USB external drive plugged into it.
2. It died. (You decide which, the 386 or the external)
3. They wish to download a 40GB Maxtor ATA133 drive onto that supposedly dead external?.
4. Excuse me while I go bang my head against a wall.

banjo2002, Mar 3, 10:20am
No its the hard drive out of the 386
I have ordered a ide thingie of tm auction no 851369957
I will try it when it arrives

mrfxit, Jun 21, 4:18am
Yep all good

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