Teredo tunneling driver

what exactly does it do?
mine does not work, all fixes as per google unsuccessful. Error code 10.
system restore fixes issue , but with next reboot - the same yellow explanation mark. ms says driver is up to date.
PC connects fine via Ethernet. But when plug in in the ipad to transfer photo it is missing this driver.to connect to PC.
Has anyone got a solution or do I give up and simply send ipad photos to myself by email. I want to recover some space on the ipad. preferably quick and easy.

geek_lilyfield, Apr 29, 6:33 am

geek_gibler, Apr 29, 6:41 am

thanks for that link, but I still do not know whether this driver is needed or what does it do.

I do not want to connect to itunes, in fact have uninstalled it.

geek_lilyfield, Apr 29, 7:40 am

is there the slightest chance that FLIP by connecting me to a new cable has changed some wifi settings ?

geek_lilyfield, Apr 29, 7:41 am

i would say its unrelated to ipad etc

geek_king1, Apr 29, 9:10 pm

i should add I infrequently see it in this state in systems without having any impact

geek_king1, Dec 31, 2:52 pm