Vectorize images/pics for free

bbq-bro, May 29, 1:38am
anyone come across any sites that are valid and work well-cheers

r.g.nixon, May 29, 1:48am When signing up you get 2 free conversions (first signup only).

suicidemonkey, May 29, 2:35am
Keep in mind that it usually only works well with basic images. Text, shapes, etc.

bbq-bro, May 29, 3:42am
cheers guys,have joined magic r.g-after the 2 free conversions it gives you 2 monthly payment options,obviously the cheaper option doesnt do the full package-do you know anything about this?

just basic tee-shirt designs that need basic vectrotizing(if thats a term ) lol

yea monkey,just basic designs,fonts mainly

gettinggrey, May 29, 4:13am
Why not do your own vectors?
Inkscape is fine.
I had a quick Google and found this site too (for other freebie downloads).

gyrogearloose, Oct 4, 9:18pm
I thought of suggesting Adobe Illustrator, but then I saw this Adobe Shape:

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