Farmside ISP north of Warkworth

mr_lovebug, Mar 27, 8:22am
Is any one on it or do you any one that is on it at all?

I have a friend in Towards Leigh and they are having way too many problems with the copper cables and the techie's can't do anything to make the cable any better.

Does anyone know of the options that are open for a remote basic user that not have access to the copper phone lines?

They are looking at farmside with home phone to replace the need to have a copper phone and dial up, as that they can get where live.

Whats your thoughts and comments? Thanks guys.

jan2242, Mar 27, 9:53pm
I know of someone north of Wellsford and farmside was all they could get. They don't seem to have any problems.

mr_lovebug, Mar 28, 7:06am
Thanks for that jan, it's a option that we have open.

Have now started looking at another option of a cellphone based data usage as the person that is wanting the new provider is in their 70's.

dinx, Mar 28, 9:56am
Farmside use a range of technologies so thats not really enough info. They use regular ADSL, wireless systems, satellite etc

We have family using them rurally in another part of NZ.Also can't get ADSL broadband at their location on copper cables, none of their road can. Some of their neighbours are on satellite which is extremely expensive but believe it or not a fraction of what it used to cost. Their speeds are not great but better than dial up and there are plans that are not on the website. They have one with almost no peak allowance but a big allowance from midnight till 10am.

oclaf, Mar 28, 11:14am
They might be inside Ubernets coverage area. Might be a better option then Farmside. Cheaper at least.

zak410, Mar 28, 9:01pm
yeah, they seem on the edge of coverage for Ubernet, they should try them first, fast n cheap.

nzdoug, Mar 29, 5:56am
Were remote and wireless.

serpico_nz, Apr 11, 5:11pm
Wrong part of the country.

If you can get Uber i recomend it. satelite and 12mbps.

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