Wireless connection from PC To TV

captdave, Sep 12, 3:39am
Can anyone tell me what I need for a Wireless connection from Toshiba laptop To a older model Samsung plasma TV

king1, Sep 12, 3:42am
depends what you are trying to do. Chromecast might do the job

spyware, Sep 12, 3:45am
If the TV has no inbuilt wireless client to connect to the current wireless infrastructure then you can use a wireless access point configured in client/station infrastructure mode to connect to the TVs wired Ethernet interface.

If you have no current wireless infrastructure then connect an access point to TVs wired Ethernet interface, laptop as the client connects to this access point.

captdave, Sep 12, 4:28am
I want to watch movies on tv from laptop without having to hook up cables

wayne416, Sep 12, 4:37am
I use a dongle called EZCast, similar to Chromecast but better. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Top1-New-EzCast-Miracast-Dongle-TV-stick-DLNA-Miracast-Airplay-MirrorOP-better-than-chromecast-support-windows/1610166353.html link only for reference but most sellers are good to deal with.

ross1970, Sep 12, 4:42am
Just sit the laptop by the tv, attach the laptop to the tv via hdmi, and then use a wireless keyboard from the couch to control the laptop.
I use one of these, it's good:

r.g.nixon, Sep 12, 5:09am
Good thinking Ross!

bwg11, Sep 12, 6:24am
Assuming your TV does have an Ethernet connection and is capable or being part of your home network, just open the video with a right click and choose "Play to TV" (mine actually says "Play to Bravia" as I have a Sony TV. Also you must first allow streaming to devices in Media Player's options.

EDIT: You can then use your TV's remote to control playback.

r.g.nixon, Nov 24, 3:59am
If you have a Wii U, it will 'play to' a TV that doesn't have ethernet or HDMI - uses RCA connections.

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