Open source Windows, what would it mean for Linux?

nzoomed, Apr 5, 11:07am

vtecintegra, Apr 5, 11:37am
It's not happening. Simple as that.

namtak, Apr 5, 12:43pm
More chance of seeing pigs fly.

nzoomed, Apr 5, 8:46pm
I dont see it happening, but its interesting to see how much stuff M$ is making open source.
They used to be totally against open source models, now they are supporting open source projects such as firefox and parts of the .NET framework have now been released as open source.

Anyway, if windows starts loosing significant market share, making it open source may save it.

intrade, Apr 5, 9:54pm
ms will go under if they dont have open source.
Knowing how the guy who purchased the operation system they now call windows operats, i can sort of guess what they are up to. Gates is the inventor of piracy and is the worlds best conartist. What they will be doing is making open source items to make sure you stay with them and they can trick you in to there closed source programm that you one day will need and only works with microcrap.
if they did do nothing then it would sink like the titanic , they need to trick you in to needing there stuff again. whatch the pirates of silicone valley then read the book of steve jobs by isacson. you find all that is on the movie printed in jobs memorials of his side of the business plus steve woz also said the first movie the pirates of silicone vally was 100% true to its content not the scenes but content is true.
this is the beginning of it all its 100% true in its content

king1, Apr 5, 10:03pm
nothing new here, companies have been locking customers in forever.

Hmmm, which one are you?

nzoomed, Apr 5, 10:28pm
I like it! So true!

gubay, Apr 7, 2:06am

mazdasix, Mar 17, 4:01pm
So a company that created software and charges for the use of it is piracy? And because of that Gates is a conartist? Wow, you really don't know how business works.

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