No operating system found. Press F1 to repeat boot


My computer crashed last night (froze) and i usually just unplug the power plug, wait a few minutes and plug it back in. But this morning when i turned it on this is what its saying! I press F1 but its not doing anything!
I have windows7 and am writing this using my tablet but i need my computer!

geek_whiskey13, May 19, 10:39 am

YOu don't have a memory stick, or a CD in the drive, do you? It depends what the booting sequence is, often a computer will try to boot from a CD or outboard drive before drive C:, and of course it fails. Check no sticks, no outboards, and no CDs in the drive.

geek_cjdnzl, May 19, 11:23 am

Thanks cjdnzl.
No stick, outboard or cd left in the drive. I plugged it back in about 15 mins after starting this thread and it started up good as gold, so i dont know what the problem was.

geek_whiskey13, May 19, 1:40 pm

So, it's a good reminder to backup your important files somewhere as your HDD might be dying out!

geek_flower_tears, Nov 10, 11:25 am

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