Converting TV to smart TV using a dongle

ann7, Mar 23, 9:44pm
I have a telecom wireless stick that I used to use with my laptop. Could that double as dongle for my Sony smart-ready TV? If this is a really dumb question please be kind.

_drdee_, Mar 23, 10:03pm
No, the telecom wireless stick is for allowing something to connect to a cellphone network, a smart TV will already have network capability either as a wired or wifi (or both) connection to allow it to connect to a home internet connection.

if you are trying to give you Sony TV wireless internet connectivity to be able to play content from the internet then the Chromecast would probably still be the best option followed by FireTV/AppleTV (depending on what floats your boat).

intrade, Mar 23, 10:03pm
what tv unless your tv is internet ready you wont be able to do it with the tv. you can use the tv as a monitor form your computer .
i have a samsung smart tv with lan and the wireless dongle from samsung costs a fortune so i did not buy one.
My mate said if i have a cheap usb wireless stick with the same chip as samsung use we can flash the samsung wireless firmware on to it, and so we did i used a 10$ usb dongle from logLink that has the same chip as the expensive samsung dongles inside.

ann7, Mar 26, 4:22am
Thanks. Chromecast sounds good.

tc47, Mar 27, 5:49pm
I love my chromecast, use it with my Samsung tablet and phone. Haven't completely sussed out screen mirroring, but there are lots of apps that cast content from your device to the chromecast. I find es file explorer the best.

tc47, Mar 27, 5:51pm
One downfall is one of TV's I use is a little far from our WiFi network, so the show stutters to the point of being unusable.

ntalke, Mar 27, 7:27pm

thecoolshop, Mar 28, 6:04am
Download the Chromecast app. Open it and it will find your device. Tap on it and you'll see 'cast screen'. That'll display whatever is on your phone/tablet screen, to the TV. If you want to see 'real time video' so you can watch yourself make the beast with two backs, open the camera ;)

sambo54, Aug 3, 11:26pm
Does anybody have a suggestion of what is the best dongle to use for this? I want to be able to stream online TV and access google apps. Thanks in advance

mikep, Aug 3, 11:50pm
Chromecast? It's well supported by a fan base.
There are also a number of Android devices (not really dongles) that are essentally 'hacked' tablets and convert the TV into an Android device.

vtecintegra, Aug 3, 11:53pm
Online TV from where?

velenski, Aug 4, 12:23am
raspberry pi with either raspbmc or openelec .

_drdee_, Aug 4, 10:58pm
Chromecast is probably the best based on cost (you can pick them up for $50) but you need something to 'cast from'. So you would need a smartphone, tablet or computer on the same network to send the content to the Chromecast. Basically any content you can open in a Chrome window you can cast, and it now supports screen mirroring like the AppleTV :)

To get anything that has the channels 'built-in' expect to pay closer to $150.

bradsel, Aug 5, 1:13am
Dish tv have a good one

sambo54, Aug 5, 9:42am
Thanks everyone, chromecast sounds perfect. i have an IPad and iPhone so should be able to use that to send.

remmers, Aug 5, 10:11am
Well the usual suspects will have a go at me for saying this but if you have an iPad and iPhone I would suggest you buy an Apple TV as you will be able to display from idevices to your TV using the air display button, it just works . LOL!

tillsbury, Aug 5, 10:14am
Yes, if you are using iPhone and iPad you're better off with an Apple TV definitely. It won't send freeview though. But you will be able to play any iOS app on the tv

2nd2none, Aug 5, 7:29pm
you will be able to cast from any Apple or Android device with the Chromecast so yes it supports apple devices. x2 iPads, x2 iPhones, x2 MacBooks, and multiple Android phones, tablets and Windows pc's in this household and all have no problem connecting to the Chromecast.

Had we went with the more expensive Apple TV, then only the Apple devices would be compatible. For us it was a no brainer really and the fact friends and family can connect to with any of there devices makes it more appealing.
Cheaper and more devices supported plus does pretty much anything the competition does gets my vote. It just works lol

remmers, Aug 5, 11:12pm
Sorry to be pedantic but the two devices are not similar, that is why they are at different price points. The ATV comes with a power supply and a remote but more importantly it can be used as a standalone device, no requirement for computer, phone or tablet. My family can just switch it on and get Netflix, Huluplus etc in the same way as they would use a regular TV.

_drdee_, Aug 6, 12:55am
For an extra $100 you get a remote with ATV.
With the Chromecast your phone is the remote which defeats the need for the unit being standalone.
With Chromecast any brand smartphone can cast to it even Apple, only Apple with ATV.
With Chromecast you can cast something to it and the chromecast takes over the feed, the ATV requires the iDevice to keep sending the cast.
Both do screen mirroring.

The ATV is basically a redundant device unless you have a big investment of iTunes movies/TV. Otherwise a Chromecast will do 90% of the tasks better or an Amazon FireTV will do 200% of the tasks better for the same price and much faster.

cafc2012, Aug 6, 1:07am
Does chrome cast work without another device? e.g. a computer, smartphone, tablet?

_drdee_, Aug 6, 2:08am
No, you need something to send the cast, like a smartphone or tablet (PC, laptop), which double as the remote.

For example: I have the Plex app on my smartphone, I open the app, browse my library of movies and TV, and select one, then press the cast button.
Same procedure for netflix, hulu etc.
Also you can cast from the chrome browser so things like youtube and TVNZ ondemand.

The benefit is really apparent if you go to someone else's house who also has a chromecast, I can still use my phone and apps (including my own content) to cast there as well, makes it really easy to take a movie around to a friends place :)

deus701, Apr 14, 9:02am
is chromecast as cool like they say it is? i had this android pc stick. mk8808 or something like that. just seem like an android system where u watch tv via apps.

was looking at something with less wires so was looking at chromecast

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