Mixing ram?

designerliving, Feb 10, 11:37am
Hi our pc current runs 2x 2gb 1333 ddr3 ram. Can i add another 2x 4gb 1600 ddr3 ram?

schizoid, Feb 10, 11:55am
should be able to. check compatibility on the motherboard site. it will probably just run at the speed of the slowest RAM installed. Probably wont run in dual channel either, but no big loss.

dvince, Feb 10, 11:57am
I see no problem, as long as the voltages are the same. The new RAM will be running at same speed as the existing RAM.

gyrogearloose, Feb 10, 6:26pm
I'll presume you have a 64-bit operating system, otherwise you won't be able to take any advantage of increasing the ram above 3GB.

tail_red, Feb 10, 6:42pm
Mixing different size/speed RAM is never a good idea, due to different voltages and latencies. They will likely work, but not as well, and may lead to random crashes.
Hardware these days is more tolerant, but it doesn't guarantee every motherboard/CPU will play ball with every RAM combination.

mrfxit, Feb 10, 7:29pm
Each type runs the same nominal voltage.
Voltages only get changed typically by gamers running high end motherboards pushing for that last mhz of speed.

Latencies & speed are the only differences within each type of ram.

Most motherboards will simply run to the lowest common denominator
(Eg: lowest speed ram will be the default speed for all installed sticks)

Tho 'SOME' m/b's are a bit picky about mixing different configurations.
(Eg: speeds/ latencies/ double or single sided & various slot arrangements)
Most are ok with mixing ram.

mrfxit, Feb 10, 7:30pm
Short answer, probably yes, tho will simply downgrade ram speed to the 1333mhz ram

vtecintegra, Feb 10, 7:34pm
Worst case is you can just remove the old ram entirely - 8GB should be plenty for most non-specialised tasks anyway.

designerliving, Feb 10, 9:45pm
Thanks ive decided to play it safe and just replace the 2x 2gb ram sticks with 2x 4gb ram sticks. Only now the computer wont start. Just stalls on "starting windows" machine is running windkws 7 ultimate 64 bit. Any ideas?

black-heart, Feb 10, 9:54pm
put the old ram back

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:11pm
yep have put old ram back in and starts fine, any ideas on why new ram would cause this?

My old (working) ram is 2x 2gb ddr3 corsair 1333 and the new ram is crucial 4gb 1600 crucial ddr3

mrfxit, Feb 10, 10:21pm
Bugger, that would indicate either of several things

A faulty stick/ s (faulty doesn't always mean DOA)
The motherboard can't properly handle the higher speed ram (or type of ram) which is in turn upsetting the o/s
you have the ram in the wrong slots to suit that motherboard & or ram type (double/ single sided/ ecc/ non ecc)
Possibly the m/b doesn't like that new brand.

No, all ram is NOT created equal.
If you knew how ram is made & spec'd at the factory, then you would understand.

black-heart, Feb 11, 12:08am
Have you got the motherboard model, and the ram model #. Some new ram is lower voltage DDR3 for the new intel cpu's.

designerliving, Feb 11, 12:16am
yep its Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H

neoslowmo, Feb 11, 1:44am
AS long as the Motherboard supports the RAM it will be fine.
But it will only run as fast as the lowest speed RAM you have - so really I would just ditch the 2x2gb sticks and keep the 2x 4gb sticks in

mrfxit, Feb 11, 1:58am

Only released a few months ago for the latest motherboards

DDR2 = 1.8v
DDR3 = 1.5v
DDR4 = 1.2v

Totally ignoring what hardcore gamers do to their rigs.

black-heart, Feb 11, 7:11pm
The ones I've seen are labelled DDR3L

vtecintegra, Aug 23, 11:16am
Yep 1.35v DDR3. It's actually supposed to be dual voltage but I've had a few issues getting it to work in pre-Haswell systems.

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