VDSL and landline - can a splitter be used ?

I think it's a RJ11 fitting to the wall from modem and a NZ plug fitting for the phone
Will a splitter and filter work ok without interfering with the broadband?

geek_mandy1968, Mar 19, 5:32 pm

If all else fails ring your phone provider

geek_mike485, Mar 19, 5:45 pm

yes I have done but not much luck other than sending a technician out

geek_mandy1968, Mar 19, 5:51 pm

You could try whats the worse case if it does not work.

geek_mike485, Mar 19, 6:04 pm

worse that can happen is wasted $$

geek_mandy1968, Mar 19, 6:26 pm

VDSL installs should have master/splitter filter installed, cost is part of the install by Chorus, they install an RJ45 jack for modem.

geek_spyware, Mar 19, 8:38 pm

They come without appropriate tools (long drill bits, reasonable cordless drill) so end up borrowing the homeowner's gear, can't find anything in their disgustingly messy van. Then when they talk about positioning the jack, and homeowners says "put it here for now, but after planned renovations I'm going to shift it 3m - that way", they say "no problems - I'll leave you spare cable", but when it comes to shift the access point, they only give you about 2m spare cable instead of 3. True professionals - LOL.

geek_mm12345, Mar 19, 9:30 pm

Thanks for that. I am with Spark. they fitted the jack for the modem but nowhere to plug the phone ? Does a master splitter have a point to plug in a NZ phone fitting aswell as the VDSL modem?

geek_mandy1968, Mar 19, 11:43 pm

The old phone socket(s) you had should still work - and you don't need to use a splitter on them any more.

geek_mm12345, Mar 20, 12:01 am

To answer your original question, no a splitter cannot be used. You plug the modem into the socket that was configured for VDSL, and analogue phones into any other phone socket around the house.

geek_lostdude, May 6, 10:59 pm

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