Go-Pro external mic question

morrisman1, Feb 7, 9:59am
I have a gopro hero 2, and use an edutige External mic with it, but I have an issue of it clipping sound when used in the car. It doesn't seem to like the low frequencies.

Can anyone identify the issue here and maybe how I can fix it?

Here is a video, you can hear the clicking especially at the start.

gyrogearloose, Feb 7, 7:46pm
You've described the sound as 'clipping' as well as 'clicking' therefore I wonder if the issue is loose buttons as described here:

Can you use an extension 3.5mm stereo cable to mount the microphone away from the GoPro camera and housing?

cameragod, Sep 5, 8:32am
Might be RF interference from the car engine. You could try a shielded cable extension for the mic or a suppressor circuit for car.

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