Cost of Ethernet install?

hi would anyone know a rough cost of getting 2-3 'ports' installed in our home? Good crawl space and attic space with several unused phone jacks if that even helps. Not very clued up on this. Thanks for any help.

geek_mullett_007, Mar 5, 1:03 pm

string how long? ,is wireless not an option ?

geek_velenski, Mar 5, 1:37 pm

Many electricians offer this service. Best way is to get on the Google and get a couple of quotes in my view.

geek_floydbloke, Mar 5, 1:41 pm

Purely an hourly issue, rough rule of thumb, one hour per outlet should cover it, plus materials. Many sparkies can do it, but you could cut the cost significantly by running the cable yourself and leaving the ends for the cabler to terminate. Depends on what kind of finish you are looking for as well - flush wall plates look neatest, but require drilling up from underneath inside the wall cavity, careful measuring needed, proper tools etc. On the other hand, much cheaper is to simply drill a small hole between carpet and skirting and bring cable through that. Not quite as neat but if done carefully is still very effective and tidy. hth

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 5, 1:45 pm

Same here. looks totally fine. My cables actually run the length of a small wall on top of the skirting board to, tidily. Crawl space very narrow and a flat roof. Looks tidy and it's fit for purpose.

geek_queentee2, Mar 5, 2:10 pm

Re the old phone jacks, sometimes if you are very lucky the old telephone wiring can be used as a 'draw' to pull new Cat5/6 cable through but if it goes through dwangs and studs and right-angles this probably won't work.

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 5, 2:35 pm

Thanks for the input! reason why we are looking into it as the computer is stuck in the Longe and want to move it to another room, while we are at it we might as well 'future proof'. Have heard having too many devices run off the same router can be slow.

geek_mullett_007, Mar 5, 2:45 pm

that only applies if your using wifi - but for cable its fine

geek_trade_menow, Mar 5, 4:15 pm

easy fix.
If you have phone jacks and power points in another room you want to use the just move the computer and modem there and plug the phone cable that goes from your modem into the jack in that room.
No need to rewire your house at all.

geek_newbie5, Mar 5, 5:17 pm

I currently have 2 computers running off the same router and have no problems at all

geek_newbie5, Mar 5, 5:19 pm

Oh really? I had no idea I could do this. Thank you! There is a phone jack right where I want to move the computer to.

geek_mullett_007, Mar 5, 5:38 pm

That is absolutely the ticket if yo have a phone jack right there. I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to network cable a house as a lot of devices are going wireless and you may find that most people will have limited use for stationary devices. The only time you may need a hard wired connection is if you are wanting high speed data transfer like from a remote media storage device or you have a several people all trying to use a wireless connection. Even with the wireless connection wireless routers are cheap and you can quite easily have a couple of separate wireless networks, one per person if you really want to.

geek_travis47, Mar 5, 6:49 pm

What twaddle. Wireless is always the 2nd choice and with higher bitrate video streams (4K) always the worst choice. Why not use 1 Gbps wired technology using $2/metre cable rather than a prone to interference method that doesn't necessarily have one tenth the throughput.

And using a phone jack in a back room then isolates the Internet to that area of the house, what about the TV in the lounge, the bluray player, the apple tv, the Sky decoder (Internet imminent with firmware upgrade), the TiVo, the DNS server to redirect all the Netflix US DNS requests, the NAS box.

Install structured cabling in your house back to a patch panel in a central location. Run cable to 6 points in the lounge, 4 points in every other room and every ceiling for an access point. Install a PoE switch for the VoIP phones (SIP server maybe) and security cameras. Add a decent router, Mikrotik, maybe a Ubiquiti Edge Router or even a Cisco so you are ready for the fibre. You could have a fully wired house for maybe a few K.

geek_spyware, Mar 5, 8:20 pm


And you think I am mad? You are going for a ridiculously over speced solution for the massive majority of homes. Possibly in the future if you get something that requires a high speed connection then put it in but to wire dozens of points and install high speed routers when you have no idea what you might need in the future is a waste. Unless you are tech mad and building a new house with no access what you are talking about is never going to be needed in most houses. I would rather tailor a solution to the home so the owner gets what they want and are not paying for a whole lot of extra stuff they don't need.

geek_travis47, Mar 5, 8:51 pm

Have to agree with this. Ironic that the posting started with 'what twaddle' - no offense spyware, future-proofing is one thing but I think that was just a bit of overkill and very free without OP's wallet :-) But I think I made the mistake of others, I just 'assumed' the OP would already be on Fibre, or just know they could plug their ADSL Modem into any (working) phone outlet, how easy it is to presume and overlook the obvious.

geek_cookee_nz, Mar 5, 9:21 pm

Thanks everyone for the input, I have nfi what any of that is in that technical way of doing it so pretty sure we don't need it lol. Anyway I just can't get my head around how plugging my modem into the phone jack will work?! Do I just leave the wifi router where it is plugged into the black cable in thhe lounge? Sheesh I used to have a pretty firm grip on this stuff but it's all over my head now :)

geek_mullett_007, Mar 6, 10:04 am

I love my DIY Cat6 gigabit wired network. just followed the pointless telephone/tv cables under the house. Cheap too.

geek_gibler, Mar 6, 10:24 am

You can try it with the router where it is and just move the computer to where you want it but to get a better wifi then as said just take the modem with you into the other room and plug it into a phone and power point in that room.
You dont need to waste all that money as suggested by others for something you do not need.
I have my router in a spare room with my 2 computers and it works fine.

geek_newbie5, Mar 6, 4:15 pm

If you read ops post before you gave all your input you would see op just wants to be able to move the computer not plug it into tv's dvd's all all the other techy bits you are suggesting.

geek_newbie5, Mar 6, 4:22 pm

if you have easy access under your house to do cable runs then its worth doing if you are wanting higher thruput, e.g if you have a media box or NAS and are streaming to other devices. It isnt very difficult or expensive to do at all if you have rj45 crimping tool and you go somewhere cheap like surplustronics to buy the cabling/plugs etc

geek_csador, Mar 6, 4:23 pm

you will still have"too many devices" regardless of how many plugs you have - you only have the one router to access the web
wireless if you have any faith in it, or run the new cat5/6 to endpoints and use a an 8port switch before the router, router can be on the shed as long as one cable connects it to the switch

geek_skin1235, Mar 6, 5:17 pm

Would rather leave router where is as its more central. Went to try out the phone jack in the Intended room but bugger it's not working so will have to get that looked At first. Cheers again for the simple solution, I don't know why the downer guy didn't tell me this the other week when he was here, he suggested the Ethernet thing hence my question.

geek_mullett_007, Mar 6, 7:00 pm

This won't work if you have a master filter installed and consequently a separate socket for ADSL

geek_king1, Mar 6, 7:09 pm

Probably because the Downer guy was installing a dedicated unfiltered outlet for ADSL. All the other outlets are filtered and won't work by design.

When fibre arrives if you have no structured cabling then ONT and router will be installed near TV to make installs easier for the likes of Sky (it will shift to a technology called Radio over Fibre when Sky determine what the modern way is). And fibre won't be a choice as the telephone exchanges and copper services are ceasing around 2020.

geek_spyware, Mar 7, 6:25 am

With Netflix NZ 18 days away leaving router near TV and doing some simple data cabling is an option that allows to place computer at other end of house, install a wireless access point on ceiling for iPads, iPhone and Android devices and gives TV/Apple TV apps access to Lightbox and Netflix via wire for best performance (remembering that fibre is not far away from install).

geek_spyware, Mar 7, 6:48 am

That's all very well and good but I will never get sky tv! Who would pay for that crap especially since I can d/l or stream anything I want to watch :p I kinda get what you mean but if all goes according to plan we should have sold this house by 2020 anyway :)

geek_mullett_007, Mar 7, 7:27 am

My UFF install will have the termination follow the Sky dish cabling (in 2 weeks).
Right now, my desktop is furthest from the VDSL modem and I still get 15 MB/sec downloads over wifi.

geek_fishb8, Mar 7, 8:54 am

I'd get a proper cabling company instead of a 'sparky'. Electricians do data cabling as a sideline generally, and often do an amateurs job of it.

geek_black-heart, Mar 7, 10:59 am

Think of the extra $10K you can get for the house because it has structure cabling. I wouldn't go near a house without it.

geek_spyware, Mar 7, 12:10 pm

I wouldn't either but when I pointed out my structured cabling to a real estate agent during a valuation, she said it doesn't add value because customers don't want that. I doubt she really understood.

Anyone who builds a house without *at least* one port to every room (and a quad behind where the tv is going to sit) is pretty short sighted.

geek_loose.unit8, Mar 7, 12:18 pm

Of course no one wants it because it is OTT for most houses.

Why four ports behind the TV when a single port is all that is necessary. If you end up needing more then you could use a small four port router. Most people do not have a fixed PC so a port in each room is rather pointless, a lot of people would rather use a tablet. Why spend hundreds on cabling and patch panels when most people never move their fixed devices? Of course cabling is always better for fixed devices but simple point to point cabling is cheap and more than adequate. I am a sparky and have hard wired connections only to the places that need it and it cost cable and some connectors, cheap, easy and does the job.

geek_travis47, Mar 7, 1:44 pm

Thanks for illustrating my point.

geek_black-heart, Mar 7, 6:17 pm

Your point being?

That if you talk to the client and find out what they want you can provide a solution that fits their needs without costing thousands and including a whole bunch of stuff they don't need.

geek_travis47, Mar 7, 10:26 pm

The first reason I think that you would need at least two runs to a TV is that when Sky shift to Radio over Fibre a specific cable run will go to another port on the ONT (different vlan tag than the ISP).

You may also want devices on different vlans within your network, IP phones, security cameras, wireless (quest access that is routed to Internet but no local access). So why not have a centrally located managed switch that supports vlans rather than using toy routers (you shouldn't be using a router unless actually doing routing).

You can also use a cat5/6 run for HDBaseT from a PC somewhere else in the house maybe or output in reverse direction.

geek_spyware, Mar 8, 8:47 pm

Sure thing and if I end up getting any of those things, most of which I won't, then it may be worth while installing some of that. Or something else might come along and make it all redundant, like all the people who have Cat5 in their house and now wish they installed Cat6. I would rather install what I need and install the rest if I need it. One thing that I did do in houses I wired was a duct from the roof space down to each of the TV and media center, that allows for easy addition of anything in the future.

Data guys seem to massively over spec everything. I can remember managing a project for a retail chain who built a full mockup of their shop layout, for training. They got in a data company who told them they needed 96 data outlets in this space. We managed the contract for the client and when I asked the company rep what the actually wanted he said that they would have 2 POS machines and the ability for trainers to plug in a laptop at each desk and access the internet. This job was going to cost the company tens of thousands with a new server room to be built to accommodate all this extra gear but in the end I had them instal 8 runs of Cat6 down stairs to the existing server room for a around $3k. Exactly what they needed with 4 extra circuits for anything they might want to do in the future And I was the golden boy for saving the company a crap load of money.

geek_travis47, Jun 8, 11:29 pm

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