Slow starter PC

Hi, we have a PC (a fairly ancient Dell 3000) which has been very reliable until recently. How, it seems to get stuck at the 'Starting Windows' message and if left, takes 8-10 mins to continue and boot. Otherwise, it's all OK and behaving well.

I booted it in safe mode and ran various registry cleaners and defraged the drive. No difference.

It's simply used for wordprocessing and isn't hooked to the www so virus ain't possible. It's XP Home edition.

Is there any way of logging what is causing it to get stuck and hopefully then fix it?

geek_moltenfire, Jun 26, 9:35 pm

hdsentinel - check the hard disk - if its as old as you say it is the hdd may be in its death throes.

and fwiw registry cleaners cause more problems than they fix.

geek_king1, Jun 26, 10:22 pm

Yeah although if it was dying, wouldn't it give errors in daily operation as well? Is there any sort of log that shows where it's getting stuck?

geek_moltenfire, Jun 27, 1:01 am

Windows safe mode has an option to enable boot logging.

My suggestion would be a corrupt page file. In Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Performance _> Settings -> Advanced, changed the virtual memory page file size to 'No Paging File'. Then reboot, and delete c:\pagefile.sys

Then go back to the virtual memory settings, select 'Automatically manage' and reboot again.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 27, 7:47 am

not necessarily. The windows event log sometimes list hdd errors but hdsentinel is by far easiest way to check

geek_king1, Jun 27, 8:38 am

Thannks - interesting. Did above, can't delete as has SH attributes and can't even remove those attributes from the command prompt. says file is in use. Booted in Safe mode at prompt only - same message. Wtf is using it in safe mode. ?

geek_moltenfire, Jun 28, 10:53 pm

try using unlocker or moveonboot

geek_pcmaster, Jul 9, 5:15 am

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