I have just bought a new laptop for my grand-daughter and am setting it up for her. However, everytime I power it up I cannot get the internet and I lose internet connection on my desktop as well. I then have to restart the modem, restart the desktop pc and away I go again. Then I try again with the laptop and the same thing happens. Any suggestions, please, as I really need to get this sorted before grand-daughters birthday on the weekend. TIA
Edited to add that the internet works fine on my laptop which I use every evening. no loss of connection on the pc.

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 6:55 pm

I'm sure your grand-daughter will fix it

geek_nichen, Aug 2, 7:08 pm

how are you connecting to the modem - wireless or cable?

geek_king1, Aug 2, 7:12 pm

My grand-daughter is 8. :-). Any other ideas, please?

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 7:13 pm

The PC is connected via cable, king1

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 7:15 pm

If the PC is new it might not have all the driver updates on it .May be you can look up the new PC on the Webb and down load the modem driver on the old PC and transfer it to the new one Then get all the other updates
You could take it back for them to do but been NZ it will take a week

geek_nichen, Aug 2, 7:29 pm

I have just done some more searching on line and one of the suggestions was to turn the "power save" off on the Acer laptop. I have just done that and so far so good it seems. Why the heck would that make any difference?

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 7:35 pm

Sorry 8yrs what happen to the good old days of just a barb doll !

geek_nichen, Aug 2, 7:41 pm

No, spoke too soon. That didnt fix the problem after all. I think I will be taking this laptop back to the shop tomorrow.

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 7:47 pm

Lol nichen. I know, I know, I spoil her rotten but she is such a good kid, my first grandchild (I have two now) and if she didnt look after things so well I wouldnt buy her one. But she plays minecraft on her Mum's IPad and the screen is "sooooo much bigger on a laptop, Nana! ".

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 7:49 pm

Exactly what setup does it need that are you trying to do for her?

To me it sounds like it has a duplicate IP address with your desktop.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 2, 7:55 pm

Gyrogearloose, so far I have just put her name in it so it says Welcome Jordyn when it opens up. I have put some icons on the desktop that she will want, I have managed to download Minecraft on there (before it disconnected again) and I have put a couple of games on there for her that she uses on the desktop when she comes to visit. Thats all. If I have a duplicate IP address how come my laptop works fine but this one doesnt?

geek_regalgirl, Aug 2, 8:06 pm

Do you have wireless? It would be interesting to see if it does the same using wireless

geek_king1, Aug 2, 8:19 pm

Because your laptop uses dynamic IP allocation, while your desktop and the new laptop are using fixed IP addressing (and are using the same address) - but that's only my suggestion, not a fact.

If you open up a command window (start -> cmd) and type IPCONFIG it will show you the IP address.

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 2, 8:21 pm

I finally fixed it! Google helped as I typed in the error message that I got at one stage which was DNS Probe Finished Bad Config. and then there was a YouTube example of how to fix it. I just followed it step by step and virtually reconfigured the connection on the laptop. I am amazed that I did it. :-) but it has been working perfectly now for over an hour. Thanks for all your suggestions. They did help, they got me onto the right path in the end. Cheers guys!

geek_regalgirl, Apr 7, 11:06 pm

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