Windows stalls after ram uprade

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:23pm
Hi all. As per my other thread mixing ram. I have replaced the 2×2gb 1333 corair ram sticks in my machine with 2x crucial 4gb 1600 ram sticks. Now the PC stalls at starting windows. If i refit the original ram it works fine. Any ideas

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 10:24pm
Incompatible RAM probably. Can your motherboard handle DDR3 1600 RAM?

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:29pm
My motherboard has on it Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H how can i tell if its compatible?

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:31pm
Ive just googled it and come to this site, it looks like its supported?

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 10:32pm
Yeah should be fine. Made sure the RAM is seated properly?

Also I'd put in 1 stick at a time and see if it boots to make sure a module isn't faulty.

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:32pm
ok will try the one at a time trick

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:45pm
Iv i try just one of the new sticks or any combination of one old plus one new it keeps cycling into the black screen that gives me options of going into bios or boot mode it then says loading operating system and cycles back to the black screen again and repeats this cycle over and over

designerliving, Feb 10, 10:53pm
Would be unlikely both ram stickswould be faulty. They are brand new. I have no idea why it wont work

suicidemonkey, Feb 10, 11:00pm
So you've taken out the old sticks and tried the new ones, one at a time?

designerliving, Feb 10, 11:35pm
Yes have tried that both keep looping between that black setup screek back to loading operating system and back to black setup screen over and over

neoslowmo, Feb 11, 3:18am
Are you able to get into the BIOS during this loop?
if you can have a look in the BIOS and see if the BIOS is recognising your RAM.
While in there make sure its reading it at correct speed - it should but I have in the past seen BIOS report wrong.

designerliving, Aug 21, 5:19pm
Turns out there is 2 sided ram and 1 sided? is that right and i had purchased the wrong type

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