Is there an adblocker for android?

b.chapman, May 17, 7:15am
When using Firefox on my desktop I find adblock plus excellent. What can I use on my Samsung tablet to achieve this?

vtecintegra, May 17, 7:18am
You can use Firefox on Android but in my experience performance is poor.

System wide ad blocking is only possible if your have root access

wayne416, May 17, 7:55am
Yes as above but must be rooted and AdAway or Adblock installed. AdAway is the pick of the two.

rav413, May 17, 9:39am
I've just put Adblock on my iphone but can't tell how good it is yet.

b.chapman, Nov 13, 9:58am
Thanks all. It looks like I will have to put up with the ads as I am not smart enough to root my tablet.

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