Gmail enquiry

2bakerz, Apr 15, 6:49am
I have a gmail account - I want to create a new one while I am editing a newsletter. I have used my own gmail account up to now, but would like to create a new one and transfer all contacts to the new account. I am not bothered if I have to lose my original account as I do use another provider as well. I know I can ask Mr Google but usually the help I get here is easier for this older user to understand.

r.g.nixon, Apr 15, 8:12am
You can get another gmail account - I did, and use them both. I've never tried transferring contacts, but there is probably a way to do it.

ross1970, Apr 15, 8:14am
contacts - more - export - export to csv

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 8:39am
Yes you can. I have about 4 accounts.

2bakerz, Apr 15, 9:22pm
Thanks so much - will give it a go as I really prefer the contacts to be under the new one. suicidemonkey - did you transfer contacts? Going to try ross1970 advice. Will report back

2bakerz, Feb 15, 8:55am
All transferred successfully - new interface on 2nd account so just need to find my way around that. Did just what ross1970 suggested. Again, thanks all for help!

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