Re-Size JPEG's

carter441, Apr 9, 2:23am
I am trying to resize a JPEG for my Facebook Business Page. Can anyone else me with this task please?

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 2:40am
Hundreds of different ways to do this, a quick Google will outline a few.

There's web based methods: Or you can do it using Paint (assuming you use Windows):

Or you can do it using any number of free programs such as GIMP, and commercial programs like Photoshop.

carter441, Apr 9, 2:59am
Thank you very much! is excellent! I'm afraid I never know when to "trust" these sites, but I'm going with it!

Do you happen to know whether I am best to resize it to a JPEG or PNG or GIF or BMP? The image is solid black with white text.

suicidemonkey, Apr 9, 3:12am
PNG is best for quality (but larger size), and generally recommended for web

JPEG is best if you want a smaller image for easy uploading on a slower connection

BMP is fairly irrelevent

GIF is for moving images

carter441, Apr 9, 3:20am
You have a wealth knowledge! Thank you VERY much - I am really grateful.

rozendaal, Apr 9, 3:32am
TIFF if you have text that looks bad after resizing as JPEG

gyrogearloose, Mar 9, 9:14am
I found this link helpful to understand what the dimensions of the Facebook images need to be, for example if you get the cover photo dimensions wrong then Facebook will crop the image and it won't look as you expected:

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