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johnhb, Apr 29, 3:24am
I'm a bit of a novice, and I'm trying to organise photos and descriptions of the items I have for sale, and decided to go looking for an easy to use database. Then I realised that Picasa fulfils that function. I have an ipad so want to use that for drafting descriptions, tidying things up, when I'm not at my computer.
So I've downloaded Picasa 3 to my PC, and web Albums to my apple ipad. I want to sync the two, so what I do on one shows on the other.
I've noticed in Picasa 3, that some of the photos on the PC have a small red arrow thingy and two arrows in a circle in the bottom right corner of some (but not all) photos. Can anyone tell me what that means?
Also, when I click the "sync to web" button, does that then synchronize the photo (s) so they can be viewed better online? Again, can anyone tell me the purpose/ function of "sync to web"?
I find using the online "how to" a bit tricky, especially when looking for explanations about the red exclamation mark (I honestly don't know what else to call it- I think that's what they look like and I can't find anything anywhere about them!)
Lastly how can I get some of the photos from picasa 3 on the PC, onto the ipad?
Thanks in advance for any help I can get!

johnhb, Apr 29, 4:57am
Just stumbled across the red mark at the bottom of the screen which indicates it's for showing/ hiding the places panel. Doesn't tell me why I would want to do that, so I guess, for reasons known best to itself, Picasa has decided we can show or hide those locations.

drsr, Apr 29, 8:35am
There used to be a "Picasa Web Albums" site which was nice and usable, but now it's all been squished into Google+, and they haven't bothered to update the help text to match.

So basically when you upload a Picasa album to the web using "Tools, Upload, Upload to Google+ photos", it will upload to an album of the same name on your Google+ photos page. If you make changes to the images in Picasa, e.g. cropping or removing redeye, you need to sync to web to upload the changes.

You can use the Google+ app on the iPad to access the album, but I don't know what that's like to use (probably not very good).

johnhb, Oct 28, 8:20pm
OK- thanks so far. My latest issue is how to use Picasa, with Web Albums on the ipad. So I've got web albums downloaded on the ipad, and I've got photos on the PC (Win 7) so how can I synchronise the two? So I can see the photos on either device at the same time? I have the feeling it's something to do with Google+? but get quite confused using that "third element" in the equation! BTW, the Google+ app on the ipad doesn't appear to exist?

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