Unable to Locate External Drive

I have a PC running Win 7 with an external drive attached. I used to be able to access the files on that drive, but can no longer do so. This is in spite of disconnecting then reconnecting the drive- a Seagate 500. Any suggestions as to why it would have started to disappear?

geek_johnhb, Jun 8, 4:50 pm

Unplug drive, reboot and try again.

geek_wayne416, Jun 8, 4:54 pm

I had a Seagate drive that failed, with these things often it's the power supply on the drive that fails, although those Seagates have alarmingly wobbly USB sockets too

geek_piperguy, Jun 9, 9:39 am

I can hear it humming and it makes a noise when I plug it in. I just can't seem to find it in the system. I've unplugged, restarted (rebooted?) the computer etc. etc. but still no go. I suspect it's probably a driver but can't seem to find one for this model 9SF2A2-500. I swear Seagate ditch models that are more than 12 months old (read: OBSOLETE) which is unfortunate if you've got lots of precious data on them you've stored for "safe-keeping"! Bit of a rort if you ask me.

geek_johnhb, Jun 9, 9:47 am

test with the Seagate tools. Check the output voltage on the power adapter.

geek_gibler, Jun 9, 9:58 am

If you need the data on it you can pull the bare drive out and connect it to your PC.

geek_piperguy, Jun 9, 10:35 am

Go to Disc management and see if its there. You might have to turn it on so it'll show up.

geek_motig, Sep 4, 9:52 am

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