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hasy, Mar 26, 7:11am
Hi can you take a photo on a labtop of any particular item - besides yourself?
I have a windows 8.

lilyfield, Mar 26, 7:20am
if you hold the item in front of the camera- yes

mazdasix, Mar 26, 7:20am
If your laPtop has a webcam. sure you can.

hasy, Mar 27, 7:19am
Hi, thanks for the advice yes I do have a webcam but how does that let me take a photo of something.
My main reason is instead of going through the drama of loading it from my camera to put a picture on . can you believe it 'trademe'

cookee_nz, Mar 27, 7:48am
While it can be done, you may find the operation of the webcam, placing the item in the correct position, lighting etc to be more drama than just using the camera. Presume you are connecting the camera via a USB cable or are you using Bluetooth or similar? USB is generally no different to plugging in a USB stick but if your camera has an SD card you may find your Laptop could also have an SD card slot, and this may be quicker than connecting the camera to the PC. Justy open the access door (usually the battery flap), pop the SD card out with the camera turned off of course, insert in laptop and copy away.

lilyfield, Mar 27, 7:53am
the easy way- how I do it- via skype. set your profile picture-- anything--hold item in front of webcam. take picture.
select file
name it
drop and drag into new folder in "my pictures " , rename folder : Trade Me

hasy, Mar 28, 7:23am
Thanks for the advice. - just a bit curious about Skype.- is it any good?
Also the camera I normally use is a Apple iPhone.
To transfer photos using a USB cable do you have to use iTunes? Or do you just connect it?

Thank you

flower_tears, Apr 13, 5:00pm
If both your iPhone and Laptop are connected to the net, then all you need to do is enable the iCloud service on your iPhone, on your laptop, sign in to with your Apple ID and you will find all the photos there, you can simply download the one(s) you want and use them on TradeMe, done! :)

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