How long should a Ipad battery last?

jubre, Feb 21, 9:15pm
just curious about the ipad battery life, as I bought a brand new ipad air at xmas, and they say 10 hours battery life. I find after using it for about 2 hours is is 60% flat already. I could never see me getting 10 hours of use out of it.

rz_zone, Feb 21, 10:02pm
Try and lower the brightness and close apps when not in use(double tap home button and swipe up). I have a Mini and get at least 12 plus hours of use with mainly browsing. Less if gaming or video calls/youtube on it. It's at 81% atm with 3hours usage, awesome battery life.

vtecintegra, Feb 21, 10:03pm
Which model?

tillsbury, Feb 22, 1:31am
If you have the cellular version, and very poor cellular access, that can really eat up battery life. Other things that eat battery are high brightness (or auto brightness in sunlight), playing games, and watching videos.

jubre, Feb 27, 1:11am
It was an ipad air that I bought at xmas.
I didn not know that you could have more than one app open at the same time.
I thought when you clicked back to the home page, when you wanted to go onto another app, or go off the ipad, then that would closethe app that you were using down.

jubre, Feb 27, 9:41pm
Thanks rz-zone.
I have investigated and found heaps of apps open. So I have done what you have told me and got rid of them all. I would neverhave know that if you had not told me. I am a senior person, so these things dont come naturally to me. This is a great place to find out stuff.

gina39, Jul 15, 1:57am
I mean from fully charged to flat?

gina39, Jul 15, 1:58am
I mean from fully charged to flat without using it?

vtecintegra, Jul 15, 2:23am
Depends on many factors - age of the device, strength of the WiFi/3G signal, what push enabled accounts are active, how often pull accounts are set to update etc etc

To give you some idea the newish Air at work lasts a couple of weeks with a push Exchange account and nothing else set up.

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 2:24am
About 10 hours of continuous use. but weeks if it's just sleeping.

But as above, it depends on the age of the device and what's running in the background.

gina39, Jul 15, 2:28am
Thanks for that I have a I pad2 it last a couple of days at least without playing games on it but I've just brought a second hand I pad 3 and I charged it up last night to %100 and it's already down to %48 and that's without any background apps running? Seems a little odd?

sprinter51, Jul 15, 2:30am
as above

Age of the li-ion battery and and how many times it has been charged

kieran211, Jul 15, 2:40am
If it's noticeably shorter battery life than when new you can look at changing the battery. Buy new battery + cheap Apple toolset(if needed) from reputable eBay seller + YouTube instructions would probably be the cheapest way.

Otherwise take it to a phone/accessories shop as they can usually do stuff like this for you.

Or I think you can organise to send it back to Apple and have them service it with an "official" replacement battery.

sprinter51, Jul 15, 3:18am

"from reputable eBay seller" LOL

Not from China you wont

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 3:33am
Uh what?

I've used Ebay for years to buy computer parts, batteries, electronics, etc, and I've never come across a dodgy seller. I've purchased from sellers based in China, Germany, other parts of Europe, etc. No problems.

Ebay has a feedback system very similar to Trademe.

sprinter51, Jul 15, 3:52am

Then put this one on you blacklist

I have shopped on Ebay for many years and found their action against bad seller is FAR better than TM
At least you get your money back with Ebay

thebuzzyone, Jul 15, 4:05am
Have you tried re-calibrating it? The battery "meter" isn't a real time meter as such and it just calculates what it thinks should be remaining. If you top up a lot this can upset it's calibration of batter life.

Fully discharge it (by using it til it turns itself off) and then recharge it til it's at 100% and then leave it a little longer on charge.

This may restore some lost battery time.

Find out more by googling reset ipad batter or something similar.

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 4:20am
I'd happily buy from a seller with 280,000 positive feedback. Even if you've had a bad experience.

kieran211, Jul 15, 5:01am
Yeah it's more the % feedback rating that i was talking about. I'd happily buy from a 98.8% positive seller.

sprinter51, Jul 15, 6:35am
Even at 100%, I will never buy Li-ion batteries out of China again

suicidemonkey, Jul 15, 6:51am
I'll continue to do it. I still have some old generic Chinese camera batteries from about 6-7 years ago that still work fine.

tillsbury, Jun 29, 4:22pm
If the battery isn't from China it probably isn't genuine.

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