Removal of ads by green game

Kids have done something and now the computer is infected with 'ads by green game' and so half the screen is covered in pop ups and there are capital letters all over the place that are links to all sorts of crap. Any suggestions for how to remove it. I have goggled and there are dozens of links but how do I know which site to trust for advice -a lot want users to download software (and then pay for it when you don't know if it works or not. Advice please.

geek_gennie, May 3, 11:12 am

geek_wayne416, May 3, 11:22 am

geek_farwest, May 4, 8:34 am

thanks - will give them a go.

geek_gennie, May 5, 7:15 am

What browser are you using?

geek_terry012, Dec 14, 1:57 pm