Bluetooth problem

switchie, Mar 11, 4:49am
Hi, I am trying to pair my Ipad mini and my laptop. Laptop picks up ipad, but ipad cant pick up laptop. When I click on pairing on laptop it tells me "unable to detect service". I know laptop is working as I paired my phone to it okay. Is there something I am not doing with the ipad?. Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable but cant pair them thanks

rz_zone, Mar 11, 7:01am
Has it ever worked before?
Usually, you can only use bluetooth between iOS devices.
Unless, its officially supported like headphones, keyboards, etc.

What exactly are you trying to do?
You can always sync it with iTunes.

switchie, May 28, 10:57pm
have never put ipad to laptop before I wanted to take some of the videos off it that I have recorded. I guess I can use the usb/lightning plug to connect them, just that every one said it can be done so thought I would try it.

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