Where are kindle files stored in my pc?

michelangelo135, Jun 22, 11:40pm
I have downloaded a book for off line ready. Looked like they were well hidden. I tried to convert a kindle book to pdf. Any ideas? I use Win xp.

zak410, Jun 22, 11:47pm
check download folder on your browser?

jhan, Jun 23, 12:20am
In the search box type *.mobi

datoofairy, Jun 23, 12:24am
They are in the My Kindle Content folder in your Documents folder.

michelangelo135, Jun 23, 1:22am
Thanks for the info. I have tried all three above. Not there. Kindle files are .azm

jhan, Jun 23, 2:03am
What program are you using to convert the kindle book? Calibre?

michelangelo135, Jun 23, 8:02am
Hi jhan,
I am thinking of EPUB converter.

sr2, Jun 23, 8:21am
+1 for Calibre, a great free programme.

michelangelo135, Jun 25, 11:04am
The problem was finding where the book files are in the pc. I think Amazon has made them invisible. Any ideas?

michelangelo135, Jun 25, 11:07am
I have downloaded one book from the Cloud to my pc but no where to be found.

datoofairy, Jun 25, 11:08am
Did you look in your My Kindle Content folder? The files will be named a jumble of letters and numbers.

michelangelo135, Jun 25, 11:12am
Google says, it's in My Documents / My Kindle Content but it's not there at all.

monsieurl, Jun 25, 11:13am
Can you not just log into your kindle and re download it like Kobo allows?

datoofairy, Jun 25, 11:35am
Have you got Kindle For PC installed?

michelangelo135, Jun 25, 10:15pm
Downloading was not the problem. Book downloaded into my pc and can be read using PC version of Kindle reader. The problem is that the file cannot be found by Window Explorer. Cheers.

michelangelo135, Jun 25, 10:15pm
I have.

newbie5, Jul 19, 10:28pm
as mentioned.
In your Kindle reader not explorer

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