Can someone help a senior lady please.

I have a lot of photos in folders. They have suddenly got quite dark. What can I do to lighten them all. at once . Thanks in advance .

geek_succulentslady, Feb 21, 7:23 pm

Its highly unlikely that the brightness of you .jpg photo files will have changed?
Its more likely that this is a monitor issue which quite possibly could be solved by increasing the brightness?
Is your computer a desktop or a laptop?
To confirm one way or an other you could copy and paste some photos to a flash drive and test them on a friends PC?

geek_mgc54, Feb 21, 7:59 pm

Try viewing this grey scale chart website. Can you see all the individual steps of the main chart a wee way down the page? If not then its most probably the brightness setting on your monitor? either that or a failing monitor?

geek_mgc54, Feb 21, 8:03 pm

Finding that very hard to follow. My computer is only 12 months old It is a desk top

geek_succulentslady, Feb 21, 8:29 pm

OK. you need a friend or relative with more PC knowledge than you to do some basic fault finding. Refer them to my thoughts in this thread. Best of luck.

geek_mgc54, Feb 21, 8:33 pm

You know this image :-)

Whites should look white, not grey or black

geek_sqidlie, Feb 21, 8:57 pm

If its Windows 8 click on battery/power icon lower right of screen then click on adjust screen brightness, at bottom of resulting screen you should see a slider to adjust it.

geek_wayne416, Feb 21, 9:07 pm

"My computer is only 12 months old It is a desk top
succulentslady (0 0 positive feedback) 8:29 pm, Sat 21 Feb #4"

geek_sqidlie, Jul 21, 9:13 pm

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