Dead MacBook pro :( data recovery

sweety666, Jan 28, 5:46am
I have a question if anyone can help.I Bought a MacBook pro 3 months ago. It's dead - won't even turn on. Obviously under warranty but as I was still learning to use it I hadn't figured out how to get my photos from iPhoto onto my external hard drive.

These photos are very important to me. Is my only option to pay heaps of money to get Apple to do data retrieval ?

Gutted to say the least stupid technology.
Don't know what's wrong with computer at this stage until Apple looks at it but hey said they wipe hard drive for confidentiality?

Any help would be amazing !

suicidemonkey, Jan 28, 5:51am
What model Macbook is it? If it's one of the Retina models, it has an SSD and data recovery will be tough. I don't believe you can pay Apple to do it, I'd send it to a tech first.

If it's a non-retina model, you can just whip the hard drive out and stick it into a caddy.

For next time, use Time Machine for your backups. Very quick and easy.

sweety666, Jan 28, 10:41am
Yes it's the newest model with ssd.
I tried the time machine but it wanted to wipe my external hard drive to get started and I don't want it to do that, I guess I need to do it on a brand new one ? Grr I'm so gutted at my lack of technical ability. Bought all these expensive gadgets but no good if you don't know how to use it I guess.

The apple guy said they will try do data recovery for me but will cost heaps and I risk my warranty giving it to anyone else.

Thanks for your help. ????

rayonline_tm, Jan 28, 10:46am
The point is backup backup backup. You wouldn't just have one copy of your wedding photographs, you wouldn't leave a stash of money in your locked home.

cookee_nz, Jan 28, 5:35pm
No matter how easy it is (and time machine is about as simple as it gets), there are always reasons for not doing it. No time, no external drive, no understanding, and no won't happen to me. Ok, if only three months old, how did you get your photos on there in first place? From previous PC, ext hdd etc ? Any synching to 'the cloud' ? If the fault with the unit is anything other than the ssd then there should be no reason for data loss during repair other than their policy it would seem

nealeb, Jul 13, 4:55pm
Hi Sweety. Are you still there? I have a suggestion on how to get your data off the SSD. Cheers, Neale.

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