Silly photo attach question - sorry in advance

jimijimijimi, May 19, 6:17am
OK, so I have windows 7. I use Picasa for my photos - edit etc. Somehow I am now having my photos opening with windows media centre. When I use the paperclip to attach a photo to an email depending on how I attach it - it comes up and says 'view as a slideshow'. I sent a test email to myself and when I clicked onto the photo, it opened up all my photos in media centre. Is this only happening because it is on the same computer. When I open the email on my Samsung 5 it only shows the one photo. Does this sound weird to anyone or am I having a bad day.? Thanks

king1, May 19, 7:00am
right click a photo -> open with -> choose default -> windows photo viewer/ picassa or viewer of choice

jimijimijimi, May 19, 10:06am
Thanks King1 I have managed to change it back. One other questions.

I use windows live mail - although do not use that email.
Whenever I right click onto photo it always comes up and requests that I log onto windows live mail. Which I don't do. Using xtra instead. So is the only option to use the paperclip to attach a photo file. Or is there a setting I can change ? Thx

king1, May 19, 11:08am
or click and drag the photo onto the email.
Its a bit of pain the way that bit works

wayne416, Nov 5, 10:00pm
Easy fix, use EMclient.

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