Can't send slingshot email from macbook air

redriding1, May 2, 9:36am
I can receive emails from slingshot pop to my macbook air and my iPhone 4, whilst at home on wireless network with slingshot, and can receive emails while on my iphone data or wifi on my works vodafone network, but can't send them from either device away from home. I have been through slingshot and all the settings for pop incoming and smtp outgoing are correct and they say no problems, but i still can't send emails. anyone able to help please

king1, May 2, 9:49am
turn on authentication for the smtp server

Table at the bottom has the details - last row

redriding1, May 2, 10:21am
thanks king1, i had all the correct ports in, but did have user name on the outgoing different, so fixed that, seemed to be able to send from iPhone now, the primary server is set host name to the smtp of slingshot and the user name correct, and the password correct, i saved these, but when i go back into it, it tells me that the primary server is not configured, and the info i saved is lost again, so in effect i have to put it in again each time. below the primary server of slingshot i entered and that was ticked on, are other servers i don't use like outlook and 2degees so they are off, although there is a slingshot one there that is on and it holds the green button on but the primary server says not configured. so not sure what's going on.

king1, May 2, 10:38am
four things involved

Server address:
authorization on with username/password
port :25 or 587
ssl : off or on

get those correct and it will work

redriding1, May 2, 10:42am
hmm forget what i said above, i must be jinxed as the server is showing in the primary server info now. i think i will sleep on this and see if it still works tomorrow, cos sure as eggs it plays with my mind. im certainly not a computer tech wise person. lol
the real test will be if i can send emails from my macbook when I'm away from home on another wifi somewhere.

redriding1, Dec 23, 2:01pm
yes had all those correct and went though it with slingshot and it still wouldn't work, we tried ssl on and off and the different ports, have concluded it doesn't work on the 25 port, works on 587 with ssl on, but i do think that i had the username loaded incorrectly and now it seems to be okay. but as i said above things go haywire with me when it comes to this type of thing, but anyhow i think its working now. thanks for your help king1, i will be back if i still have problems and as i will be away this weekend i will be trying out the wifi somewhere up north and will see if i can still send emails. cheers off to bed now.

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