Help with clipart in document please

raffella, Mar 17, 11:15pm
As all the questions here seem quite technical, I'm likely in the wrong place, but maybe someone can help?
Document with several clipart pictures in it, some close together. Now I find I can't 'click on' them to shift or alter.
Thank you.

lostdude, Mar 17, 11:52pm
If your clip art is behind text, the easiest way I've found is to hit Ctrl+A so it will highlight the the images as well, then click on the part of the clip art that is furthest from any text.

king1, Mar 18, 3:41am
another possibility is to right click the image, there is usually an option to send that image to the back, bring the one behind it to the front.

in case it messes with the layout, familiarise yourself with the undo button

skin1235, Mar 18, 3:44am
would help if we knew where the doc was, Publisher, word, open office etc

control Z is usually the undo button and will step back through recent changes as many steps as the program is setup to recall

raffella, Mar 18, 4:11am
Many thanks all. I have done what I needed to do, it was something to do with formatting but I don't understand what! If you persevere long enough, sometimes you win!
It's Word, and yes, know about the behind / in front of / other options. Didn't know about Control A & Z though. Thanks for replying.

skin1235, May 10, 3:53am
control A is "select all"
try it on this page , then control C to copy, and control V to paste

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