Panasonic, AS-AK750.

yorkie13, Apr 4, 2:58am
Guys,we got a crew comin over tomorrow for drinks. I've the stereo with a USB port but when I converttracks off youtube to Mp3 to the flash drive, the stereo won't play anything. anybody got any ideas.?.

flower_tears, Apr 4, 4:55am
You either not doing the YouTube>MP3 right or your stereo can play certain format of MP3s

gyrogearloose, Apr 4, 5:48am
The flash drive must be formatted in FAT32 rather than NTFS to play on stereos, and rather than using Windows to apply the FAT32 format you need to download a utility like FAT32FORMAT. (because Windows will only format small FAT32 partitions, not the large size of USB sticks). Formatting will erase the MP3s on the USB stick, you'll need to copy everything on again.

And then, the other tip is to make sure the MP3s are inside a folder, rather than in the root directory of the USB stick, because otherwise it will complain that it's full after only 160-odd files.

yorkie13, Apr 4, 7:02am
gyrogearloose, still here?. can you take me through the format process on the Tware fat32. what default unit size do i click?.

gyrogearloose, Apr 4, 8:03am
Use the largest allocation unit size, probably 4096 bytes. You must use a 3rd-party utility such as FAT32FORMAT, not the Windows format. You'll be surprised how fast the format is, this just proves that formatting doesn't clear any data, rather it just writes a new header table.

yorkie13, Apr 4, 8:39am
Cheers mate. downloaded it. Giving it a go now. Thanks heaps.

yorkie13, Mar 24, 3:04am
gyrogear. your'e a LEGEND.

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