How to upload photos via classic shell/ windows H8

hesian, Feb 21, 5:16am
Cant seem to do this. Daughter has done it for me in the past and was difficult anyway as had to upload all from the card and not be able to select the ones I wanted.

Any ideas to save me going to a photo shop and downloading what I want to a CD?

flower_tears, Feb 21, 5:32am
Can you explain bit further what you are trying to do/achieve?

hesian, Feb 21, 5:52am
I have a card reader with my camera sim card in it. I am trying to get photos on to the computer. This has classic shell over the hated windows 8. In the past on my idiot friendly computer I could plug this in and a box with options came up so i could even choose which photos to download on to the computer instead of everything on the card.

I realise that option is gone but as my daughter did the only other photos I have put on my desktop and she lives away I am flummoxed.

king1, Feb 21, 5:54am
picasa should do what you want

hesian, Feb 21, 6:13am
It says Picasa is only up to windows 7.

r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 6:14am
Just upload them all, then sort them out on the computer.

hesian, Feb 21, 6:17am
I cant upload them - that is the problem. I dont know how to do it and cant find instructions on google. Previous computer was easy but nothing appears when I plug in the card reader. On old machine an option box appeared.

datoofairy, Feb 21, 6:25am
I have Win 8.1, with Classic Shell. I also use Picasa with no problems at all.

r.g.nixon, Feb 21, 6:35am
Windows key + E brings up Windows File Explorer. Then just select, drag, and drop from one card folder to one computer folder (or more).

hesian, Feb 21, 8:23pm
The computer also has office libre software Would this be the reason nothing appears anywhere?

I found picasa and it still says xp, 7 and something else not 8. Clicked on download but cant find any trace of it even though the word downloaded appeared. The other link offered says 8.1 - I dont have that - it is just windows 8.

I am fairly hopeless with computers. I like things very idiot proof.

vtecintegra, Feb 21, 9:33pm
Not possible.

spyware, Feb 21, 10:33pm
Maybe try becoming something more than an idiot.

byinstuff, Feb 21, 10:41pm
Follow this instruction. Your old computer simply brought up Windows Explorer (folders) Windows key is bottom left of keyboard and has windows logo. Or right click on start and choose Explore.

hesian, Feb 22, 12:48am
Its a bit hard at my age. entrenched. However IF it were still possible to have night classes I would be signing up!

At least the solution isnt obvious which is reassuring. Goodness knows where the Picassa download is! Not in recent downloads which I found. I suspect it is the windows H8 bit which is the problem. If I had H8.1 it would probably be easy. (less hard. )

Went off and printed a huge number of photos this morning and just the ones I want to email overseas are now the issue. They may have to settle for a posted DVD. At least there are ways round some of these problems.

datoofairy, Feb 22, 12:51am
So then do the upgrade to get 8.1, is really inst difficult at all. Simply Google 8.1 download, download it and install it. You may even find its easier for you to use.
But you have already been given options that will work, if you try them.

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 1:25am
The 8.1 update is massive. Why not stick with 8.0.
Picasa will work fine on that. See

hesian, Feb 22, 1:42am
I have tried to install picasa and printed off the Picasa starter sheet. I got as far as bullet 2 and pressed the blue download. It then asked me to cancel or save the file. Nothing about run which my printed sheet says do immediately.

So back to trying to find the installed picassa which has been clicked on at least six times now!

If it wasnt so stressful it would be funny. It reminds me of the old song called the gasman came to call. It is all circular back to where I started!

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 1:51am
I tried it. Yes, no run option. No matter, just save it to a known folder location, then double-click it to install.

lostdude, Jul 18, 5:25pm
Well firstly, determine if the card reader actually works. Connect it to another computer first (preferably one that it hasn't been connected to before) to see if the computer picks it up. If the new computer doesn't, it might well be buggered.

Now the question is, why don't you just plug your camera directly to the computer with a USB cable? What make/model is it?

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