Any1 having email problems with Orcon?

Specifically sending emails to gmail? A guy claims after I got TM to call him not be able to send emails to gmail bc 3 of my emails to him went unreplied.

Personally I think it's just something he pulls out of his rrs everytime he can't bothered completing a trade. You can see on his feedback he used the excuse several times before.

I called Orcon myself & they say they have not had one single report of that happening.

geek_mme, May 12, 9:03 pm

I am not with Orcon as my ISP, though I have an Orcon email account. My main email is gmail. I just tested sending from my Orcon address to my gmail address and was received in about 5 secs.

geek_chnman, May 12, 9:54 pm

Thanks chnman!

See my latest blue feedback from the idiot

Yeah just proves what a BSh!tter he is!

geek_mme, Nov 29, 4:09 pm

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