Windows 95, 20 years on! lol

geek_nzoomed, Aug 27, 5:30 pm

Thanks for sharing! Haven't computers come a long way since then! Makes you wonder what computers will look like in another 20 years time! The technology is advancing and becoming more refined and sophisticated, ever so fast!

geek_iwikiwi, Aug 27, 6:02 pm

That pun at the end was awesome.

geek_ryanm2, Aug 27, 8:23 pm

I recall watching this on the install CD a few times lol

geek_dvince, Aug 27, 9:06 pm

I wonder how many can remember the days when you had to use two 8 inch disks to boot the computer which only ran Wordstar? That when you really know how far things have come along.

I still have my old 486DX which ran Win 3.0 then upgraded to 3.1 - DOS was king in those days.
I became certified in Word Perfect but couldn't tell you a thing about it now!

geek_coralsnake, Aug 27, 9:26 pm

I remember booting a computer with a small set of punch cards (Hollerith cards). Not a personal computer though!

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 9:32 pm

meh, 8 inch floppies were way before my time! lol, they were 70's technology!

geek_nzoomed, Aug 27, 10:47 pm

I remember ordering a replacement 8" floppy for an IBM 3890 cheque sorter. It came with different cut-outs in the case. I had to use a hobby knife to get new slots in the right place, after removing the disk. Put the disc back in; taped the case together again, and all was fine.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 11:21 pm

Win 95 was great compared to loading progs on my Dick Smith VZ300 with a mono cassette tape recorder.

geek_slarty45, Aug 28, 9:08 am

We still had to put up with floppy disks though!
Even in 1998, a floppy disk was utterly useless!
I couldnt afford a cd writer

geek_nzoomed, Aug 28, 12:09 pm

i got my first cd writer in 98 $700 ,made more Frisbee's than cd's ;)

geek_velenski, Aug 28, 1:24 pm

No - actually not from a user perspective IMO. In '95, I had a very small notebook with active matrix colour screen, win95 and Office 95. It cost $6k or so - that's one obvious difference. Another is that it had a trackball rather than a touch-pad - some of the cheaper notebooks had those "accupoint" stalks instead. Otherwise, it wouldn't look out of place at all today.

But running software for content creation (such as those office apps) - surprisingly much the same, OS and app wise as using win10 - it all works much the same as it always has since win95. I flew around the world with it - it sure beat carrying all that paper in my briefcase.
Under the hood, then for sure. But people forget that "moore's law" doesn't translate into linear increase in performance across the board - ie to double the resolution of a 2d image, then you need to process and display 4x the data etc.
Yup, that laptop had a good (for the time) 10" colour screen. But it was 800x600 (might have been only 640x480) and it was 8 bit (256) colour (vs 32 normal today), I can't remember refresh rate - but it was slow. 8MB RAM and a 486DX 66 CPU, 200MB HD - what more could you need?

Then the internet came along.

geek_mm12345, Aug 28, 2:17 pm

95. Only has 1 real meaning = 15-12

geek_ross1970, Jan 7, 11:10 pm

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