IPhone / I pad storage help needed

zambesi2, Mar 31, 6:22am
Ok here's my dilemma, ive basically used up all my storage according to the messages that I have received. I've cleaned up and deleted a lot of photos and apps that I feel it I could get rid of, but still I have this lmesage about my lack of storage and the fact that I need to buy more storage. Ive attempted to upgrade to 20 mg per month but the alert is telling me that I have to pay per month - $1.29?. Is there a way of paying in my telecom account say for a year in advance instead of being billed the minimum amount of $1.29 in my visa as opposed to being billed in my telecom account

suicidemonkey, Mar 31, 6:40am
Sounds like a scam. You can't "buy" more storage for your iDevice. Or are you talking about iCloud?

Either way, Don't pay any money. Send us a screenshot or photo of the message.

Edit: and if it is iCloud, no you can't pay on your telecom bill. You pay Apple. Different company.

remmers, Mar 31, 9:27am
20Gb cloud storage from Apple is NZ$1.29 per month, you cannot pay per year. I store photos to computer and also signed up with mega.co.nz. 50Gb is free and they have an excellent iPhone app that works from your camera roll.

zambesi2, Mar 31, 8:23pm
Many thanks will sort it out somehow

_drdee_, Apr 4, 11:31am
You also have Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive which all offer free cloud storage. No need to pay unless you have huge amounts you have to have in one place.

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