Global security hackers at my Dr's

gracie3, Apr 26, 6:24pm
I went to make an apt online and got a welcome page from Global Security Hackers. I suppose I better ring and tell them.

bluebear609, Apr 26, 9:46pm
Gosh i just started a thread on that above as went to search that. i just pressed the x when it came up but i dont know anything about this and slightly panicking. You seem calm . do you know what all this means ta

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:26pm
Which antivirus are you using?

vtecintegra, Apr 26, 11:45pm
Why do you think that matters?

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:51pm
Not sure, maybe. Just seems to be Avast users that catch these bugs, could be wrong.

vtecintegra, Apr 27, 12:00am
The problem is some script kiddies have defaced the doctors website - nothing to do with anything on the poster's PC

wayne416, Apr 27, 12:12am
I was just fishing trying to get a common denominator. I know a iot of people use Avast but over the last few months people with popups, malware problems, browser hijacks etc seem to use it. I know a lot of it is users fault but just seems to be common. Could be wrong.

farwest, Apr 27, 12:20am

moltenfire, Apr 27, 2:59am
Might mean the International Hackers have got your medical records. so all those visits about secret spots and things will now be known by the CIA.

skull, Apr 27, 4:52am
Not to mention the prostate checkup

moltenfire, Apr 27, 4:56am
Or prostrate?

wayne416, Apr 27, 5:01am
They don't do it digitally any more so i guess their out of luck.

moltenfire, Apr 27, 6:26am
You mean it's reverted back to analogue? Jeez that sounds painful.

wayne416, Jan 10, 4:23pm
Digit~ally (finger you know where), analogue now (blood test)

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