Okay,we are currently in CH CH .When we got our computer we went with Paradise,who became telstra and are now vodafone.
Our email is a paradise one.
Problem we are soon to move from CH CH to the North Island.
Trying to get head around what to do about emails.
Does the Gmail require a provider like we currently have to use .
If there is a way around not having to go with a vodafone provider so as not to have to change emails again would be the perfect out come.
I hope this is clear enough to read and under stand.Im obviously not up with how this all works.
Many thanks

geek_fineo, Aug 7, 8:38 am

gmail works with any ISP. I have kept the same gmail address for 11 years, while changing ISPs three times.

Check with vodafone whether they disable your email if you switch away. Some ISPs do, some don't, some charge a small fee to keep it going.

It is possible to get a gmail account to grab your email from an ISP's mail server, as long as your account there is kept active. Then you don't need to sign in. Gmail signs in for you and gets any new mail every 30 minutes or so.

You can send email from gmail and make it look like you are sending from vodafone; but I wouldn't bother - just ask people to delete your old address from their contact list.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 7, 8:53 am

Thanks you r,g,nixon.
Gmail looks like the way to go for us

geek_fineo, Aug 7, 9:03 am

This thread reminded me I have a query re gmail. Is it possible to open a new gmail account and transfer ALL contacts, groups etc to it from the original one, then delete it from the original one? Reason for question I do a small newsletter and have been using my own gmail but I would like to have one I can hand over when my time is done doing the job. I know I can transfer contacts from a different email account but wonder if it would work within gmail?

geek_2bakerz, Aug 7, 4:00 pm

go here

Under more click on export.
Then import into the new account

geek_king1, Mar 15, 4:58 pm

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