Hotmail completely blocked

I cannot even get to the part where it texts a code to me:( It is obviously malware as I am asked for my credit card number and other details.

What to do?

geek_sally63, Jun 14, 9:10 am

one of the recovery pages will ask if you have a credit card linked to an Xbox account, as well as info about emails etc. This is quite legitimate, and a way of establishing that you are in fact the account holder

geek_king1, Jun 14, 9:23 am

Try a different computer. Worth a try.

geek_macman26, Jun 14, 12:08 pm

if you suspect malware is on your system, install malwarebytes antimalware, or adwcleaner
run them, do the clean (if anything is found).

geek_black-heart, Aug 21, 11:16 am

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