Help . Laptop wont accept start up password

desert_road, May 4, 4:48am
Just got back from a month overseas, now my Toshiba Satellite pro wont accept my password.

king1, May 4, 4:55am
either you are using the wrong password or someone has changed it on you

desert_road, May 4, 5:00am
Very odd . neither.

Correct password used, computer remained under the bed unused the whole time.

When clicking the reset option it asks for a floppy disk or flash drive. We don't own either one of those?

king1, May 4, 5:03am
nothing odd here - the password is either correct or not.

king1, May 4, 5:05am
if you get stuck you can reset it

desert_road, May 4, 5:05am
odd. No one has been here at home.

anyway, it says ' no drive' ?

cheers king

king1, May 4, 5:07am
no drive sounds more like a hardware issue. some more details or context of the 'no drive' would help

desert_road, May 4, 5:07am

appreciate the help.

desert_road, May 4, 5:10am
underneath the box where to enter password it offers 'Reset password'
When clicking this option, a box comes up headed No Drive and explains:
The feature requires removable media, such as a floppy disk or USB flash drive, please insert either.

king1, May 4, 5:16am
i see - not hardware then, just looking for the password reset disk.

zak410, May 4, 5:18am
no caps lock on. ?

wayne416, May 4, 5:19am

desert_road, May 4, 5:31am
rebooting now. System restore.

desert_road, May 4, 5:52am
now found out about 5 keys are not working and one is needed for the password

desert_road, May 4, 6:00am
Plugged in old keyboard into usb port, password accepted.

Will have to get laptop keyboard checked, can use external keyboard until then . Thanks all for your help.

intrade, Dec 19, 1:52am
it got damp and corroded electronic dont store a laptop under a bed in a nz house whom is constructed from weetbix .

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