Help - coder - wordpress - tiny mce person please

mmmail, Feb 21, 2:14am
I run the latest version of Wordpress.

Up until a few days back site/TinyMCE ran just fine.

I installed new WP backup/security plugin and new content curation plugin.

Now, TinyMCE - whilst showing installed and Active, is not showing on my actual page/post text boxes. I've switched on/off every plugin I've got, incl recent installed ones as noted above - no luck!

At the time the recent security plugin was installed, iPage [my host], made the following change:

prefix 'wp_' for the database 'wordpress_mhd7cbm33e'-
was set in the wp-config.php file was wrong. I have updated the prefix to 'wp_'
I'm NOT a coder, but could that have any impact on TinyMCE?

The curation software developer suggests it could be a permissions issue? does that sound possible please? [ie, 403 error] please.

Funny thing - I copied the above site - with all the plugins - and am building a "sister" site based on it and so far, I don't appear to have any negatives - weird!

Thank you for any insights/ideas anyone may have!

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