Best 64 bit software

sakkara, May 16, 9:28pm

for web browser
and antivirus

win 7 64 bit 12 gig ram SSD harddrive


ross1970, May 16, 9:38pm
Just install the browser you like, its personal choice. With chrome for example on a 64bit os you're going to get the 32 bit version of Chrome anyway unless you specifically choose the 64bit version. Most people will have the 32bit without even realizing while thinking it must be the 64bit version because their os is. Not.

suicidemonkey, May 16, 10:33pm
Most popular software will be 64 bit. Just use what you like.

Most of the time you'd never tell the difference anyway

wayne416, May 16, 10:47pm
Browser- Pale Moon, AV- Comodo Internet Security Premium with or without firewall, you choose on install. Both free.

r.g.nixon, May 16, 11:02pm
Firefox & Panda. Both 32-bit. There is usually no advantage in looking for 64-bit versions.

delmic, May 17, 10:37am
I had Mozilla Firebird but my avast didnt like it so I deleted Firebird. Is there a free Outlook without any fishhooks, snares, traps, for newbies setting up their windows 8.1 Lap.and how many bits might an acer Aspire E15 Esl521 p8na be?. I dont want to download something that traps my computer. thanks

r.g.nixon, May 17, 10:49am
The closest free program like Outlook is 'eM Client'. I run it on Win 8.
The free version can run two email addresses, does Email,Calendar, Tasks, Facebook Chat etc.
See this 2m 30s youtube intro

r.g.nixon, May 17, 10:56am
I wonder if they mean Firefox? It hasn't been called Firebird for what - 12 years? (I started with Mozilla Firebird 0.6).

suicidemonkey, May 17, 10:58am
I have no idea what to make of that post.

delmic, May 18, 9:57pm
thanks rg nixon. I like emclient on hotmail

mcdaff, Nov 10, 9:18pm
Firefox is my browser of choice. I like Mercury on the iPad which is similar.

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