Best place to purchase Ram

jan2242, Mar 28, 2:28am
Wanting to upgrade Ram on my imac. Can anyone recommend a good website to use please?

_drdee_, Mar 28, 2:45am

brycer, Mar 28, 2:45am
Genuine Apple memory is not so far off these days and of course apple certified

deodar1, Mar 28, 2:48am
Excuse My ignorance but what type of RAM are you after Exactly?The site your'e on now can be safely recommended.

_drdee_, Mar 28, 2:52am
Genuine Apple is usually just Kingston or whatever they get a bulk buy deal on.

brycer, Mar 28, 2:54am
Yes it is, but certified. sometimes had issues with inferior memory. even with well known brands causing some weird intermittent crashes. Your call.

jan2242, Mar 28, 2:55am
I want to upgrade my imac. Worked just fine on 2GB then installed mavericks and have been advised to upgrade to at least 4, or better 8GB to it runs quicker. I am very new to the technical stuff so am learning as I go. I have all the computer details, just want to be sure I get the right ones and not get ripped off if possible.

schizoid, Mar 28, 3:17am
considering you've been using 2GB I'm guessing it's probably something old like DDR2. If this is the case trademe will be your best place to buy.

Find out what the RAM type is that you need with this.

yinandyang, Mar 28, 6:55am

suicidemonkey, Mar 28, 7:01am
Apple outline what RAM you need to buy for each model on their website. Brand is irrelevant as long as the RAM has the correct specs.

eurekarika, Mar 28, 7:05am
An A&P show.

mcdaff, Mar 28, 7:25am
The Apple forums seem to recommend Crucial. You can apparently buy Crucial direct from the US site - they have a tool for finding the exact ram you need and guarantee the ram chosen will be the right one.

schizoid, Mar 28, 9:53am
Others do the same thing. HP, Lenovo etc. they all have their "certified" compatible RAM, but in truth most of the time anything right down to the cheapest Strontium/Kingston/whatever will work. Hell, it's even the same with motherboard manufacturers.

But then people wouldnt be able to sell 8 GIGS OF GEN'U'INE APPLE RAM- $200, when its worth less than a half of that.

deodar1, Mar 28, 10:11am

jan2242, Mar 28, 10:26pm
Thanks for all the replies. Went to the apple store but have none for my computer. I know the right one
to get and will buy here on trademe.

davidt4, Mar 29, 1:47am
Check the price at PBTech. I find them cheap and trustworthy, and if you have any problems they will help. I bought 4GB of RAM for my iMac from them for about $120.

schizoid, Mar 29, 3:19am
That's an awful price.

you may notice on the list there is nothing that explicitly states Mac RAM. Why? Because its the same stuff! For best performance all you need to do is match the speed/latency.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 3:21am
DDR2 is a lot pricier now so it depends on how old the Mac is.

Also you need to be careful with voltage - some of the newer stuff doesn't play very nicely on older systems

davidt4, Apr 12, 3:12am
Yes. I had to get DDR2.

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